Precision usb thermometer


DIRECTEMP° is a customizable precision USB thermometer that’s accurate to +/-0.1 °C from freezing to boiling.  The HID (Plug and Play) version comes complete with data logging and graphing software.

You can also use a virtual serial version designed to integrate with custom third party software applications. Free Windows demo software & LabVIEW VI examples included.  NIST traceable calibration certificate available.

A high precision thermistor is combined with a 14 bit analog to digital converter
and a simple USB communication interface to capture real-time temperature data.
The DIRECTEMP°™ device can communicate either as a Human Interface Device
which auto installs to interface with the DIRECTEMP°™ data logging software, or
as a virtual serial port with which custom or third party software may be used.
DIRECTEMP°™ probes are calibrated in QTI’s metrology laboratory and can be
recalibrated and returned to service for extended life. The absolute accuracy and
repeatable precision of the DIRECTEMP°™ USB temperature acquisition system
will become invaluable to your most critical application.
·        Up to ±0.1 °C absolute accuracy

·        Up to 0.01 °C resolution*

·        Choose probe style, cable length, and critical temperature point

·        PC powered, no batteries

·        Temperature range: -55 °C to 150 °C with proper probe selection

·        RoHS compliant
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