Premium Emulsion TRIM® E850 Soars in Aerospace Market and Delivers Medical-Grade Performance


New TRIM® E850 premium emulsion metalworking fluid delivers long-life,
exceptional lubricity, and low odor to all customers. Additionally, E850
meets aerospace manufacturing requirements and is compatible with
aerospace alloys and related exotic materials. With its high-lubricity "green"
machining package, E850 features no animal-based ingredients, has mild
contact properties, is readily washable, and does not contain chlorinated
his premium emulsion is operator friendly
because of its mild contact nature and low initial-charge odor. E850 is robust
enough to deliver extended useful life and avoid rancid odors normally
associated with traditional emulsions. The unparalleled physical lubricity
delivers exceptional surface finish on difficult-to-machine aluminum alloys,
exotics, stainless, and high-tensile strength steels.


* Delivers unparalleled lubricity * Very long sump life and low carryoff rates result in low operating cost * Low product odor * Mild operator contact properties * Provides superior results in a wide range of operations * Excellent corrosion resistance on both nonferrous and ferrous materials * Superior wetting and penetration to the point of cut * Soft fluid film protects ways, chucks, and tool holders * Product contains no chlorine, boron, phenol, nitride, copper, or triazine * Easily removed from parts for easy cleanup before assembly, painting, or plating operations * High performance without the use of chlorinated paraffins
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