Premium Ferrous Machining Synthetic, TRIM® C380


Master Chemical Corporation is pleased
to introduce TRIM® C380, a premium synthetic metalworking fluid, which
has been optimized for high-tech ferrous materials including stainless steel
and Inconel®. These materials are widely used in the aerospace, medical,
and electronics industries. Additionally, C380 provides superior resistance to
corrosion on these high-tech ferrous materials and is easily removed from
parts for easy cleanup before assembly, painting, or plating operations.
Using C380 will produce excellent surface finish in finish-grinding operations
and is high performing in a wide range of operations from general grinding
to heavy-duty machining.

Low operating cost is a major benefit of C380 because of its ease of
maintenance, low carryoff, and long sump life. C380 readily rejects process
oils, such as hydraulic and way oils, which also makes it easy to keep clean
and working at top performance. C380 uses the best of the new ester
technology to yield a very "high performance, easy to use and maintain"
metal removal fluid. District Sales Manager, Mike Weston of Master
Chemical says, "I have a customer that makes engraving rolls for the print
industry who has replaced two products with C380. They love the C380
because it has less residue, no sticky or gummy problems, improved
corrosion protection, and provides the lubricity they need to get the job
done." The combination of the proven synthetic ester technology and
nonhalogenated EP package produces very high levels of usable lubricity at
the point-of-cut. C380 utilizes unique low-foam detergents to keep process
soils from redepositing on machines and parts.

Using C380 creates a very clean manufacturing environment because it is
water white, low foaming, low odor, and is low mist. C380 contains no
chlorine, phenol, nitrites, copper, triazines, silicone, phosphorous, or SARA
313 reportable chemistry and is PRTR compliant. District Sales Manager,
Dean Richmond of Master Chemical says, "I have a customer who was
complaining that the synthetic they were using had a very rancid smell and
sticky residues. They are very pleased with C380 because it is running very
clean with low odor, no residue, great sump life, and very low carryoff."

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