Premixed & Frozen Adhesives Shipped on Dry Ice


FreezeBond premixed and frozen adhesives remove the drawbacks of working with two component adhesives and potting compounds, and eliminates waste, reduces worker exposure to chemicals, and improves quality.

There is no need to weigh or mix two-component materials, because it is done in a quality controlled environment. The two components of the epoxy or silicone system are premixed together in the correct ratio, all air is removed, the air-free material is packaged in a ready-to-use syringe, and then frozen to stop the chemical reaction.  The syringes, which range from 3 to 55 cc (also available in larger 6 oz. cartridges), are shipped on dry ice and stored in a freezer at -40°C. 


  • Mixed in quality controlled environment
  • Size: 3 to 55 cc syringes or 6 oz. cartridge
  • Shipped on dry ice and stored in a freezer at -40°C
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