Pre‐saturated Cleaning Wipes


JNJ Industries packages Isopropyl alcohol (IPA), a universal cleaning agent, in two different formulations and with two distinct wipe substrate materials so that they can serve a wide range of industries.Branded under the GlobalTech SmartWipes trade name, the alcohol wipes are available in a 70/30 Blend with Deionized Water and as pure IPA that is 99.8% to 99.9% pure. They are available with a 100% polyester wipe material from DuPontSontara® Technologies for use in electronic and precision cleaning applications. They are also available with an industrial grade wipe material that is made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibers and is designed for use in general industrial cleaning applications.

The electronics-grade wipes incorporate a high gradealcohol coupled with a Class 100 Cleanroom nonwovenmaterial to provide the perfect wipe for use in electronic screen and stencil printing applications or for use around electronic components and assemblies. They can be used to remove soils such as solder paste, flux residue, conformal coatings, screen printable inks and chipbonder epoxies. Using pre-saturated wipes eliminates the potential for spilling excess solvents as well as minimizing the amount of VOCs that need to be reported.The industrial grade IPA wipes are also available in both the 70/30 blend with DI Water and in the 99%pure formulation, but these wipes are made from a blend of fibers that are designed to hold up to more rigorous cleaning and wiping applications. They can be used to wipe down mechanical assemblies, machinery, tools, equipment,  production parts, counter tops, and workbenches, virtually any surface that needs cleaning. They can be used to remove dirt, grime, grease, machining oils, cutting fluids, fingerprints and other contaminates associated with manufacturing and assembly.  IPA wipes can be used to disinfect hard surfaces and to prep surfaces prior to painting or plating, and are safe for use on al lplastics.The 99% IPA wipes dry extremely fast, leaving no residue behind, and are excellent for “in process”cleaning applications where time is a factor. The 70/30 blend is also a fast evaporator, but the water helps the solution to stay active on the surface longer, giving it more time to clean. Water is considered the universal solvent, helping to break down water soluble soils, as well as providing a lower cost component to the overall product.


  • available in a 70/30 Blend
  • two different formulations
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