Press Brake


Equipped with the revolutionary new Bystronic ByVision Bending control, the Bystronic Xpert press brake offer unmatched efficiency and productivity capabilities. The powerful yet easy to operate ByVision Bending control uses a full 22 inch HD touch screen to display realistic 3D part animations and software driven menu selections. Bending profiles can be either imported or drawn directly on the touch screen and then automatically converted to a bending program with proper bending sequences and tool selections. Xpert features include dynamic hydraulic crowning, automtic frame deflection conmpensation, automatic material thickness compensation and automatic compensation for material tensile strength differences. A comprehensive database of material bend angles and bend allowances, enables the ByVision Bending control to make a bending professional of every user from the very first experience.

Options: Voice Control enables operators to utilize voice commands, via a headset, for typical manual operator functions. Optical Bend Guiding, guides operators of press brakes safely through all bending applications. LEDs indicate the correct position of the tool stations, back gages, and bending sequences. The Fast Bend + safety system allows the machine to draw extremely near the sheet at high speed, so that slow movement is only necessary during the actual bending process.  This cuts the time required by approximately 20 percent. With the Energy Saver, as soon as the upper beam has reached the top dead center position after a bend, the main motor of the Xpert switches off automatically until the next bend process is started.

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