Pressure Transmitters Operate in Hazardous Environments


The AST4600 explosion-proof pressure transmitter is CSA Class I Division 1 approved for use in hazardous areas. Constructed with a simple-yet-rugged design, this pressure transmitter stands up to a variety of explosion-proof applications where price and performance are critical.

Available with voltage output signals, the AST4600 can be used for applications requiring low power consumption or packaged with a 4-20mA output signal for common integration into PLC's and controllers and long distance transmissions. The pressure sensing element is most commonly packaged with 316L stainless steel to offer excellent liquid and gas compatibility and comply to NACE MR0175 standards. Inconel 718 material is used in applications requiring a Canadian Registration number (CRN) to standard B31.3. Hastelloy C276 is available for corrosive liquids and gases applications.


  • Accuracy: <±0.25% BFSL
    <±0.5% BFSL 7,500 to 20,000 PSI
  • Stability: (1 Year)±0.25%FS, typ
  • Proof Pressure: 2X Rated Pressure
  • Burst Pressure: 5X Rated Pressure or 50,000 whichever is less
  • Pressure Cycles: >100 Million
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