Print-and-Apply Label Applicator


WS Packaging Group­Automated Systems
Division has developed a new print-and-apply label system specifically
engineered to handle the demands of harsh environments like high-moisture
wash-down conditions and dust-prone operations.

The Genesis 7500 Wash-Down Series labeling system features an all-stainless
steel cabinet that encloses key components. Protecting key components and
ensuring operator safety were primary goals behind the engineering. The unit
features a simple head-on stand that offers the flexibility to apply
different types of pressure-sensitive labels to the side, top, bottom or
corner of virtually any-shaped product.

High levels of moisture and dust create a unique set of challenges for
labeling equipment,² said Tim Newberry, product specialist manager with WS
Packaging. ³For example, ever-present moisture and sanitizing agents used to
disinfect a packing house are not friendly to electronics and controls. And
dusty conditions can literally gum-up a printer-applicator.

The Genesis 7500 features an all-stainless steel construction that fully
encases all key components: printer applicator, computer and wiring. Even
though they are encased, all components are easy to access, which keeps
downtime to a minimum when it comes to changing labels or the printhead.

Safety was also a key factor in engineering the Genesis, Newberry said.
Because everything is enclosed, including the wiring, there is much less
chance for shocks, which is a major concern when the unit is deployed in
high-moisture environments like a packing house.

As with all WS Packaging application machines, the Genesis 7500 utilizes a
keep-it-simple design that offers easy operation and minimal downtime by
providing quick access to all maintenance components, which adds to its
overall functionality.

Everything is easy to get to, Newberry said. ³This unit has an access
panel that¹s only one foot by one foot, but it¹s configured so that
everything is really accessible for changing out labels and the printhead.

The one-piece unit has heavy-duty rods and cylinders for added durability
for handling up to 60- to 70-lb boxes of product. And its compact design and
small footprint make it easy to set up at any spot on a production line. The
entire machine is on wheels and features a self-contained four-foot section
of conveyor for easy staging of product to the printer and label applicator.

Everything was engineered so that it can be readily raised and lowered to
match the height of an existing production line,² Newberry said. It¹s very
much a plug-and-play design that easily adjusts to match existing conveyors.
The printer/label applicator and the conveyor all move in sequence. Nothing
has to be unbolted, which reduces set up time.

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