Prisms for Laser Applications


Versatile TECHSPE λ/20 UVFS (Ultraviolet Fused Silica) Right Angle Prisms feature precision specifications to meet the most demanding applications. They are ideal for beam steering, retroreflection, or any application where low wavefront error is critical to system performance. The UV fused silica substrate exhibits low thermal expansion and excellent transmission from the UV to the NIR spectra.


The prisms are designed for laser applications with a surface flatness of λ/20 and surface quality of 20-10. These laser optic quality prisms feature an industry-leading +15 arcsecond angular tolerance for guaranteed control of the optical path. They are specially polished using highly refined processes to ensure the flatness of the prism faces. These RoHS compliant prisms are uncoated and have a clear aperture of 90%. Six models are available with legs measuring from 5 to 25 mm long and hypotenuse measurements from 7.1 to 35.4 mm long.


Angle Tolerance (arcsec)±15Clear Aperture (%):90Dimensional Tolerance (mm):+0.00/-0.10
Image OrientationLeft-HandedSubstrate:UV Grade Fused SilicaSurface Flatness:λ/20


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