Process Multimeter


Yokogawa Corporation of America is pleased to announce the release of another high quality and well engineered product, the CA450 Process Multimeter. This unit combines the functionality of a digital multimeter like the TY500 series with a 4-20mA loop calibrator such as the CA11 into a single instrument for calibration and maintenance of process instrumentation.

The CA450 allows technicians and maintenance personnel to source and measure with one hand held tool, minimizing the amount of equipment to carry. As with our TY500 and TY700 digital multimeters, a 3 year warranty is provided and terminal shutters have been incorporated for safety to prevent improper connections. The CA450 meets 600 V CAT IV and 1000 V CAT III safety standards and is CE certified.

Standard accessories provided with the unit are 4 AA batteries, test leads, lead cables, two fuses and an instructional manual. Optional accessories include 1-5V adapter set, communication package, alligator test leads, hard carrying case, and various current clamp probes.


  • single instrument for calibration
  • meets 600 V CAT IV and 1000 V CAT III safety standards
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