Process Sealed, Ultra-Miniature Rocker and Toggle Switches


NKK Switches  announce the availability of the G Series  process sealed, ultra-miniature rocker and toggle switches with self-cleaning contacts. The small size and durable construction of these devices make them ideal for handheld instruments.

G Series rocker and toggle switches are PCB-mounted and feature NKK’s award-winning Sliding Twin Crossbar (STC) contacts, providing unequalled logic-level switching reliability. Combined with ultra-miniature size and 0.25 gram weight, these toggle and rocker switches are well-suited for rugged applications where panel space is at a premium or where high-density mounting is required.
These devices are process sealed for automated processing techniques, including flux-cleaning procedures. In addition, the STC contacts self-clean with every actuation.

Each G Series switch can be specified in a single or double pole configuration (SPDT or DPDT). Five different circuit combinations are also available, including momentary and maintained options with up to three actuator positions each. PC terminal-style mounting can be specified in straight, right angle or vertical mount for toggle switches, and straight PC or right angle mount for rocker versions.  
Additional options include rocker caps that can be ordered in standard colors of red, black or white. Custom colors are available upon request.
Terminal spacing of G Series devices is 2.54 mm x 2.54 mm, conforming to standard PCB grid layout. These switches are rated at 0.4VA maximum @ 28V AC/DC maximum.


  • small size and durable construction
  • PCB-mounted
  • STC contacts self-clean with every actuation
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