Process Transitions Solve Dry Processing Equipment Installation Problems


Full-range of process transitions makes the task of mating equipment and piping with non-matching dimensions easier and quicker. Now the dry process industry has a selection of piping, flange, and duct transitions available from stock, eliminating the time, expense and hassle of specifying, designing and fabricating transitions from scratch. Transitions are available with flanges on one or both ends as are flangeless/weld stub transitions. The entire line can easily be adapted to meet custom take-out space requirements and flanges can be drilled to suit. Custom shapes such as offset/oblique, rectangular, and double-cone types can also be provided upon request.


Available options include:

  • round-to-square pipe transitions
  • square and conical reducers
  • flexible stub adaptors
  • sanitary pipe/tube extenders with clamp ferrules
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