Prochem® PB and MD Agitators Provide Performance Advantages in Demanding Side-Entering Applications


Chemineer, Inc. offers two proven, high performance lines of Prochem belt-driven, side-entering agitators. The Prochem PB and MD side-entering agitators provide high quality performance in a variety of demanding applications such as pulp and paper, flue gas desulphurization, petroleum blending and storage. The belt-driven, side entering agitators provide easy-to-maintain configurations that minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

The Prochem PB Series features a unique pillow block design that dramatically reduces the cost of bearing maintenance. The Prochem® MD Series features a user-friendly modular design that incorporates an easily accessible shaft bearing cartridge for convenient maintenance.

Other product features of the side-entering agitators include:

•    Standard belt drive service factor is 1.3 with optional 1.5 and 2.0 available
•    Minimum B-10 bearing life of 100,000 hours
•    Shafts designed to handle up to 10 times the normal operating load at full torque
•    Ultra VX belts and sheaves are used on both the PB and MD agitators
•    A variety of impellers, including the HE-3 which provides high pumping and low shear rates as well as the high efficiency Maxflo WSE impeller. With a bolted-blade construction, maximum pumping action and a hydrodynamic design for greater cavitation resistance, the Maxflo WSE provides superior performance characteristics in side-entering applications.

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