Proclip® and Prolight modular electrical panel frame and wire management systems


Proclip and Prolight modular electrical panel frame and wire management systems from Satie are designed to help OEM machine builders, system integrators, panel builders, switchgear manufacturers and alike shrink space requirements, cut material costs, increase productivity and reduce weight — saving users up to 25% over traditionally designed electrical panels on combined material and labor costs.
The Proclip and Prolight systems provide designers an intelligent way to organize electrical enclosures. The patented Proclip system is designed for use in medium to large enclosures while the Prolight system is suited for small to medium enclosures with a shallow depth. Both systems can be mounted in any type of metallic or non-metallic industrial, modular, electronic/IT, or power distribution enclosure.
The Proclip and Prolight systems have been engineered to maximize space utilization. Users can shrink enclosure, floor, and surface space requirements by 25% to 50% while providing a reserve for future system expansion, upgrades or retrofits.
The Proclip and Prolight systems are made of high-strength, lightweight, extruded aluminum, and meet or exceed DIN 50018 corrosion standard. Additionally, they are CSA approved (C22.2 No.14-05 and C22.2 No. 0-M91), and UL Recognized (UL 508A - NITW2).
The Proclip and Prolight systems are designed to be very flexible, and accommodate any size or type of electrical component — even non-electrical components like pneumatic directional control valve manifolds. This ability is accomplished through a variety of slotted panel profiles that provide fast and easy component attachment using slide nuts and bolts, and profiles with integrated TS35/10 DIN rails for ‘snap-on’ component attachment. A snap-in or bolt-on TS35/15 DIN rail is also available for those applications that require a taller profile or a 45O offset DIN rail (See Figure 4) for easier component accessibility.
The Proclip and Prolight panel profiles come in various heights to fit the components on the row, and are designed to be taller than the components to provide better connection point accessibility. The Proclip system has panel profile heights from 55mm to 175mm in 20mm increments. The Prolight system has profile heights of 55 mm, 75 mm, 95 mm, 115 mm and 155mm. A 20mm extension is available for the Prolight profiles for those applications which require an offset DIN rail.
The versatility doesn’t stop there. The Proclip profiles can be mounted horizontally, vertically or a combination of both depending on the application (See Figure 1, left). For those applications that require a shallow depth, but also need a combination of DIN rails and slotted profiles we can integrate Proclip and Prolight profiles into one panel frame assembly.
The combination of snap-in DIN rail and profile flexibility also allows the designer to make field modifications if the preassembled panel has not been fully engineered before it was shipped.
Satie provides our customers with preassembled panel frames. By doing so component-to-panel assembly time is reduced by 80% - 90% because panel layout/tracing; punching, drilling or tapping holes; and cutting of DIN rail and wire duct are eliminated. The preassembled panel frames have other advantages, including elimination of wire duct size calculations by the engineering department; ordering and processing one (1) part number instead of several; and storing and managing less inventory.
Each Proclip panel is attached to the mounting pillar using a U-shaped mounting bracket. The pillar, mounting bracket and panel combination creates an integrated wire duct behind the panel, down each side (See Figures 3 & 4) — and center depending on panel width — which shortens wire runs by up to 50% and simplifies the wiring process by allowing easier access to the wire and the ability for wire segmentation. If wire segmentation is needed for horizontal runs, a divider is available. A full panel length cover is available to keep the wire in the duct without the need for cable ties.
The wire management combs are attached to the Proclip and Prolight panel edges which allow the wires to be neatly organized while simultaneously holding them in place. The wire management combs, integrated wire ducts and component accessibility on the Proclip system make the panels more ergonomic which leads to easier and more efficient component wiring — reducing component wiring time by 30%.
The combs are engineered to hold a wide range of wire sizes by snapping off tabs as needed for larger gauge wire. When wiring is completed covers can be snapped onto the combs locking the wire in place and enhancing the panel’s aesthetics. The covers are easily removable to provide access to the wire during troubleshooting.
Molded of halogen-free, plastic, the combs and covers have a -32OC to 60OC (-25OF to 140OF) temperature rating and meet UL 94 flammability standards. The combs and covers are available in blue or gray.  The clean panel design and wire placement behind the panel allows for a natural air flow across the components which dissipates more heat and increases component longevity.  Additionally, it improves component accessibility making serviceability easier and faster.

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