Produce and Repair Larger Parts


For Optomec, IMTS will be all about highlight advances made in hybrid manufacturing with the LENS Machine Tool Series it launched at IMTS in 2016. 


Optomec’s LENS Metal Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere system is being used by The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), to process reactive metals and develop biodegradable medical devices (among other things). Dr Michael Sealy will be at IMTS to discuss the breakthroughs he and his team have made and how their work will impact industry.


Building on the success of the LENS Machine Tool Series and demonstrating Optomec’s commitment to make Additive Manufacturing more affordable, Optomec will introduce a new product model - the LENS 860 Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere System. With a bigger build envelope and higher power, the LENS  860 can produce and repair larger parts more cost-effectively. It is also more versatile with the ability to process fine-features for thin wall structures to cladding for coating applications. 


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