Professional Digital Level


You don't need to choose between a great traditional level and a sophisticated, full-featured digital level. Kapro's 985D Digiman® incorporates all the exclusive features of the best-selling 985 Apollo™ in a rugged, user-friendly digital model.  
With a tough frame and shockproof end caps that protect the level from knocks and falls, as well as Kapro's patented Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial, the 985D makes leveling easier and more precise. The Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial system is the most important innovation in conventional leveling since the invention of the level. Plumb Site® offers the traditional side view of the horizontal vial and the unique front view. It's easier to read, eliminates neck and eye strain, and improves accuracy.
The digital component of the 985D includes a backlit LCD with a digital readout that flips upside-down when the level is inverted, so you can always read it easily. The MODE function lets you set the readout in degrees, percentages or pitch. The Buzzer lets you know when you're at level and plumb. The Recalibration function lets you set a false zero, for a fast and accurate transfer of measurements. Advanced silicon chip technology allows for unprecedented digital accuracy.
Available lengths: 10", 24", 48"
·        985 professional box level: Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial, solid acrylic vials, Ergo Grip™ handles, shockproof end caps, vial accuracy of 0.029º
·        MEMS technology (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems)*
·        LCD with backlight
·        360º readout flips when level is inverted
·        Digital accuracy: 0.1º at level and plumb, 0.2º other angles
·        HOLD function, MODE function: Degree/percentage/pitch
·        Memory recall – 9 measurements
·        Buzzer at 0º and 90º
·        Recalibration function
·        Rainproof & dust resistant
·        Rare-earth magnets


* Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial * 3 solid acrylic vials * Accuracy: 0.0005 in/in. (0.5mm/m) * 2 milled surfaces up to 48" (120cm) * Shock absorbing bi-material end caps * Ergo Grip™ non-slip handles * Available with rare-earth magnets: Model 985M
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