Professional-Grade 3D Models


Designed for use with Artec's professional hand-held 3D scanners as well as a range of sensors, Studio 11 offers simplified, rapid post-processing that never compromises on precision or accuracy. The new software release meets the needs of professionals at any experience level and boasts numerous automated features, including a state-of-the-art Autopilot mode, to create professional-grade, 3D models of any size.


With Artec's unprecedented Autopilot mode, users are guided through a few simple questions related to the characteristics of the object being scanned and the type of 3D model that is desired. Studio 11 then deletes any unwanted captured data, auto aligns the scans with one click, and instinctively selects the most effective 3D algorithms for the data at hand. The result is a high precision 3D model that is of the same quality as those created manually by an experienced user.


Highlights of Studio 11 software:

  • Streamlines the creation of professional-grade 3D models for industry experts and novices
  • Real-time fusion scanning mode allows users to move scanner around an object and view model as it's being built
  • Autopilot model simplifies process for beginners to use
  • Users can utilize manual mode for unfettered access to platform's full range of data manipulation tools
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