Proficy™ Plant Applications 4.3 Production Management Software


GE Fanuc Automation, Inc., a unit of GE Industrial, today announced the availability of Proficy™ Plant Applications 4.3, a new version of the company’s Production Management software – which focuses on Efficiency, Quality, Production Execution, Genealogy and Batch Analysis to enable visibility across process, discrete and hybrid industries. With Proficy Plant Applications, companies can gain clear insight into their operations to more efficiently manage to peak performance. This new version is designed to help users deploy Production Management systems faster, as well as more easily expand existing systems to tackle business challenges such as regulatory compliance, asset utilization, product quality, and speed to market. Proficy Plant Applications is a proven software solution that digitizes the real-time information generated throughout a production facility into a “virtual plant” that can be accessed where, when and how users need it. It allows plant management to measure and monitor performance across key criteria in real-time, gaining clear insight into production and greatly improving operational effectiveness. “The new release of Proficy Plant Applications shows that we have been listening to our customers,” said John Leppiaho, GE Fanuc Senior Product Manager for Proficy Plant Applications. “Companies want faster time to value, reduced total cost of ownership, and ease of expandability. Many of the features incorporated into Proficy Plant Applications 4.3 were developed with these goals in mind. We made more than 200 enhancements and now have 50 predefined reports that are shipped with the product – which can greatly improve user productivity.” The key to unlocking the full performance potential of manufacturing operations lies in a user’s ability to gain a real-time understanding of what is actually happening on the plant floor. Proficy Plant Applications 4.3 drives overall profitability and effectiveness through a focus on key areas of production. The application monitors inputs – both manual and automated – and extracts data that is run through business logic models allowing a clear and simple process to drive improvement. Additionally, Proficy Plant Applications 4.3 offers enhanced features for complying with industry regulations – ranging from the Tread Act to environmental mandates to 21 CFR Part 11. The software helps users avoid costly product recalls and fines and adhere to expanding requirements. For example, comprehensive support for electronic signatures, complete system audit trails and many other security capabilities allow users in regulated and non-regulated industries to have secure audited operations. As regulations expand and enforcement becomes stricter – even in industries not previously heavily regulated – the software provides an infrastructure to meet these growing business challenges. “Proficy Plant Applications is solving real world problems,” said Leppiaho. “Companies who have our software have new business challenges every day, and they can use our solutions to help solve these issues dynamically. The expandability of current implementations is one of the strongest points of value that we offer to customers and is greatly enhanced in this release.”
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