Programmable Mass Flow Meter and Totalizer


The FMA-4100/4300 Series flow rate can be displayed in 23 different volumetric flow or mass flow engineering units including a user specific selection. FMA-4100/4300 flowmeters support various functions including, programmable flow totalizer, high and low flow alarm, automatic zero adjustment, 2 relay outputs, jumper selectable 0 to 5 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA analog outputs, status LED diagnostic, storage of up to 10 different gas calibrations, internal or user-specific K-factors. Starts at $730


* Calibrations: Performed at standard conditions [101.4 kPa (14.7 psia) and 21.1°C (70°F)] unless otherwise requested or stated * Environmental (PER IEC 664): Installation Level II; Pollution Degree II * Flow Accuracy (Including Linearity): ±1% of FS at calibration temperature and pressure * Repeatability: ±0.15% of full scale * Flow Temperature Coefficient: 0.15% of full scale/°C or better * Flow Pressure Coefficient: 0.01% of full scale/psi (6.895 kPa) or better * Turndown Ratio: 50:1 * Flow Response Time: 600 ms time constant; approximately 2 seconds to within ±2% of set flow rate for 25 to 100% of full scale flow * Max Gas Pressure: 3447 kPa gauge (500 psig) * Max Pressure Drop: 1.28 kPa (0.18 psi) * Gas and Ambient Temperature: 5 to 50°C (41 to 122°F) * Relative Gas Humidity: Up to 70% * Leak Integrity: 1 x 10-9 SCCS He max to the outside environment * Attitude Sensitivity: Deviation of up to 1% from stated accuracy, after re-zeroing * Output Signals: Linear 0 to 5 Vdc (3000 Ω min load impedance); Linear 4 to 20 mA (500 Ω max loop resistance). Max noise 20 mV peak to peak (for 0 to 5 Vdc output) * Relay: SPDT (30 Vdc, 1A) * Transducer Input Power: 11 to 26 Vdc, 100 mV max peak to peak output noise * Power Consumption: +12 Vdc (200 mA max); +24 Vdc (100 mA max); Circuit board has built-in polarity reversal protection, 300 mA resettable fuse provide power input protection * Wetted Materials: Aluminum Models: Anodized aluminum, brass, 316 stainless steel, FKM O-rings Stainless Steel Models: 316 stainless steel, FKM O-rings Optional O-ring Materials: Buna, EPR (Ethylene Propylene), or perfluoroelastomer * Inlet and Outlet Connections: Model FMA-4100/4300: Standard 6.35 mm (¼") compression fittings Optional: 3.18 or 9.53 mm (1&fracsl;8 or 3&fracsl;8") compression fittings * Display (FMA-4300 Models): Local 2 lines x 16 characters LCD with adjustable backlight (2-lines of text) * Calibration Options: Standard is one 10-points NIST traceable calibration. Optional, up to 9 additional calibrations may be ordered at additional charge. Contact OMEGA for additional information * CE Compliance: EMC compliance with 89/336/EEC as amended Emission Standard: EN 55011:1991, Group 1 Class A Immunity Standard: EN 55082-1:1992
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