Projector Phone Attachment


How would you like to have a 70-in. screen on you at all times? With the this projector attachment for moto z phones, you can. It will paint any wall with whatever is on your phone screen. Benefits  at home include watch Netflix in the bathroom or stream the big game on your garage wall. While at work, supersize your communication skills by displaying work instructions or spreadsheets on any blank wall.


  • Compatible with the Moto Z Family of phones.
  • Instantly turn any flat surface into a 70 in. big screen on the fly.
  • Watch more before using your phone’s battery.†
  • Take the ultra-thin projector anywhere and share onto just about any flat surface. Use the integrated kickstand to project at any angle.
  • Gather friends around to share your vacation photos, watch your favorite shows, or tune into the big game.
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