PROTECH® Polymer Pallet is now available with an intermittent perimeter lip


TMF Corporation introduced a new option for the PROTECH® 4048 heavy duty plastic pallet. It is now available with a half inch tall (0.5 inch) intermittent perimeter lip. This option is a continuation of TMF Corporation’s commitment to supply a plastic pallet to the Materials Handling Industry that meets all the needs of its various applications.

Tom Fitzgerald, President of TMF Corporation says, “We heard from several customers and potential plastic pallet users that the surface of a plastic pallet was sometimes too slick for their frozen food or waxed boxes. They wanted the cleanliness and durability of the PROTECH 4048 plastic pallet but needed to keep their materials and finished goods safely on the pallet as they moved through the facility. We made this investment in tooling to meet their concerns.”

In the past, rubber grommets were used to add friction to the pallet surface but there were concerns that even the tight fitting grommets could become loose or create areas where pallet washers might not fully clean. Grommets are still available for existing pallets and for customers who need immediate delivery of the PROTECH with some added friction. But in facilities where the load may become slippery the lip may be a better choice.

Like all PROTECH pallets the PROTECH 4048 with a lip is a one-piece molded design that eliminates trapped water and cross contamination during sanitation. The distinct advantages of the PROTECH 4048 over wood pallets include its resistance to mold, bacteria, odor and insect infestation. Its advantages over the nearest competitor include true four-way pallet jack entry, larger fork lift pockets tapered for easy entry plus thicker legs to help minimize impact damage.
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