Protect Newly Polished and Densified Concrete Floors with BELLATRIX


BELLATRIX is a water-based hybrid system, composed of unique polymers, specifically formulated to provide the dual actions of penetrating and topical protection for concrete that has been previously densified. When used in conjunction with hardened concrete floor systems, such as LIQUI-HARD® and the INDUROSHINE™ polished concrete system from W. R. MEADOWS, BELLATRIX produces a clear, high gloss barrier, offering optimum protection for concrete. BELLATRIX’s proprietary technology provides increased stain suspension and resistance against most contaminants found in kitchens, retail food stores, restaurants, malls, garages, warehouses, distribution centers, etc. BELLATRIX meets the very strict maximum VOC content limits of 100 g/L for sealers as required by certain California Air Pollution Control Districts as well as the 400 g/L VOC maximum required by the U.S. EPA Architectural Coatings Rule. BELLATRIX is also part of the GREEN LINE® of environmentally friendly products from W. R. MEADOWS, and the use of the product may help contribute to LEED credits. BELLATRIX is available in one-gallon cans (four per carton), five-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.
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