Protect Raw Metal Materials with EcoWeave


Demonstrating ingenuity and innovation is EcoWeave, a highly durable tarp-like film that protects expensive, heavy raw metal materials and finished products against corrosion. High tech Nordson melters and slot die eliminate the need for dryers, resulting in big energy savings. A 100% solids coating process eliminates solvent emissions. The new process also lets Cortec provide more options to customers.


Made from the same type of woven polyolefin film used to wrap lumber, EcoWeave is extremely durable, yet lightweight and versatile. EcoWeave offers a combination of tear resistance, durability, and VpCI chemistry that work together to provide protection against harsh outdoor elements, physical damage, and corrosion. 


Many possible uses for EcoWeave include the following:

  • Export packaging of expensive and larger equipment
  • Steel sheeting and flat stock
  • Steel coils
  • Pallet shrouds
  • Heavy equipment covers
  • Heavy metal parts
  • Equipment and product pouches
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