Protect Structures from the Ingress of Moisture


AIR-SHIELD LM from W. R. MEADOWS is a single-component, liquid-applied, water-based, polymer-modified air/vapor and liquid moisture barrier. AIR-SHIELD LM cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane, which exhibits excellent resistance to air and moisture transmission.
AIR-SHIELD LM has been specifically formulated to act as an air/vapor and liquid moisture barrier within the building envelope.  It may be applied to most common surfaces and integrated into various wall systems.  AIR-SHIELD LM is suitable for both new construction and restoration.
AIR-SHIELD LM is designed to be a fast-drying formulation, which provides early resistance to rainfall. Its low permeability prevents the transmission of air and inhibits moisture and vapor from passing through porous building materials.  The product is also highly flexible and bridges cracks which may form in the substrate.  .
AIR-SHIELD LM is a water-based, environmentally friendly product that is part of the W. R. MEADOWS GREEN LINE® of green building materials.  The product may help contribute to several LEED credits, including Energy and Efficiency (EA), Materials and Resources (MR), and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

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