Protos X Modular Field I/O System


The Protos X "Xpansion" field I/O system is a modular system consisting of a Bus Coupler and its associated input/output terminals. The Protos X slim design and various I/O configurations allow the exact I/O needed with the smallest footprint possible.


2 to 16-point discrete I/O terminals and 2 to 8-channel analog I/O terminals are available. Up to 64 terminals per assembly and 255 I/O terminals total are possible. The Modbus and EtherNet/IP Bus couplers provide connection options to hundreds of industrial control devices including the most popular PLCs and SCADA/HMI packages.


Bus couplers are now available in four configurations. PX-TCP1 and PX-TCP2 server bus couplers offer Modbus TCP protocol over Ethernet. The PX-MOD slave bus coupler utilizes Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol over RS-485.The new PX-EIP1 server bus coupler uses EtherNet/IP protocol over Ethernet. The PX-EIP1 module is priced at $244.00 and has one RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 Base T port for connection to an Ethernet client.


The Protos X Selector Tool is available online to easily build, specify and order a Protos X field I/O system.



  • The small footprint of the Protos X I/O system allows it to be installed in tight locations at or in the vicinity of the equipment it is monitoring and/or controlling. 
  • The multiple I/O count options give the user the ability to monitor/control from just a couple of points to a couple hundred points depending on the number of terminals used. 
  • Unique interlocking design of the terminals means the data and power buses are carried from module to module and used only when needed.
  • Simple wiring with push-in, spring clamp wiring on I/O terminals.
  • Communications to the bus couplers is via Modbus or EtherNet/IP protocols.
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