Proximity Alarm


Standex Electronics introduces a non-contact proximity alarm that combines audio and visual alerts, believed to be an industry first. When the trigger element nears the base element an LED indicator light is illuminated and an audio warning sounds.  The technology is built around Standex magnetic reed switches which senses the proximity without contact.  These proximity alarms are ideal for varied applications such as position sensing, child safety applications, door ajar indicators, pet safety, security applications, and more. 

This battery powered device requires no wires or hookups, making it easy to install and simple to include into existing designs.  The Standex Proximity Alarm is built around proven technology, including the GR150 and GR200 magnetic reed switches.  Measuring as small as 3.7 mm in length, these extremely small reed switches retain magnetic sensitivity of 2-4 Ampere Turns (AT), typical operating time of 0.2 milliseconds (typical) and a release time of 0.1 milliseconds (typical). 

"This is an exciting new product built upon proven components" said Christian Rogiers, Director of Global Marketing for Standex Electronics. "With the combination of audio and visual alarms, and the simple installation, the potential uses for these non-contact position sensors are limited only by the imagination."


  • combines audio and visual alerts
  • requires no wires or hookups
  • magnetic sensitivity of 2-4 Ampere Turns
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