PSENhinge safety switch


The PSENhinge from Pilz Automation Safety combines a hinge and a safety switch integrated into one compact unit for maximum space-savings. Thanks to concealed installation the PSENhinge is safe from manipulation and allows for simple alignment via an integrated precision adjustment system. Even after setting the switching point, the user can still correct the setting of the hinge, between 0° and 270°. The safe hinge switches allow systems to be attached to the right or left for optimum cable feed. This system allows the user to use a change kit to redefine the switching point rather than replacing the product. Ideal for packaging machines, robot cells and other machines with entry gates and access hatches the PSENhinge has a rating of IP67, meaning it is “dust tight” and remains completely sealed when immersed in water to a depth of one meter for one hour. The PSENhinge is also available in a stable version for high mechanical loads. The PSENhinge reduces the amount of hardware needed for safety gates, by integrating the safety functionality into existing hardware (i.e. the hinge). This allows the user to monitor gates and doors without mounting additional switches. When combined with Pilz control technology the PSENhinge is a complete, safe solution.
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