PTH 50 Series Hand Pallet Truck Now Comes with Work Assist Load Tray


When configured with the Load Tray, the PTH 50 Series hand pallet truck can be used with a range of Work Assist® accessories. These rugged tools and storage options can be added to the pallet truck to offer ergonomic advantages while optimizing operator efficiency and application flexibility.

The optional Work Assist Load Tray is factory-installed on new PTH 50 hand pallet trucks with 27-inch wide forks. The foldable 27” x 21” tray allows operators to position paperwork, tools and boxes at a comfortable working height so they bend over less frequently and maintain a faster pace during stock handling applications. The load tray mounting system provides additional mounting points for many other Work Assist accessories, including a clip pad, storage pocket, shrink wrap holder and cup holder.



  • paperwork
  • tools
  • boxes
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