Pull Reaming Machine for Gun Barrels


Precihole Pull Reaming machines provide all the necessary features to create a polished and precise bore in gun barrels. This operation follows gun drilling and removes all irregularities in the hole by improving surface finish and preparing the hole for rifling. These machines feature an elaborate fine filtration system that delivers clean cutting oil at optimized pressure to lubricate the carbide tool and flush out fine metal chips.


The 2-spindle pull-reaming machine features automation for the insertion and repositioning of reamers. Reduced setup time and rapid operating parameters (0 to 20 IPM pulling speeds) support high-volume barrel finishing and polishing. Different machine configurations handle reaming diameters from 0.15 to 0.59 in. and depths from 24 to 60 in.


  • Use of ball screw and servo drives for linear motion
  • Special quick clamp system for reamer tube
  • Hydraulic cone arrangement for barrel blank clamping
  • High-pressure coolant and 10-micron fine filtration system
  • Oil chiller and automatic lubrication
  • Mitsubishi/Siemens PLC controls with touch screen HMI
  • Integrated design to reduce overall machine footprint
Reaming Diameter Range.15 to .5 in..2 to .59 in.
Number of Spindles1/2/4
Max. Reaming Depth24/40/48/60 in.
Barrel OD Range.47 to 2.16 in..59 to 2.36 in.
Max. Component Weight66 lb.89 lb.
Reamer Feed Range (IPM)0 to 20 in.
Power per Spindle2 HP
Spindle Speed10 to 1,000 RPM
Coolant Tank Capacity (Gallons)300530
Max. Coolant Flow (GPM)1216
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