Pull Station Protector


The Pull Station Protector was designed to protect fire pull stations from impact from rolling carts, trolleys and the like.   Too often, pull stations are knocked off the wall in commercial and industrial settings.   This causes an immediate safety hazard since often the device is no longer operating safely or at all.  By code, a licensed electrician is required to replace the pull station.   On average, it costs $300 to replace the pull station when considering the cost of a new pull station and an electrician.   This is compounded by a fine by the local fire department if this is not done in a timely manner. The Pull Station Protector’s design deflects the impact away from the pull station.  The pull station remains intact and the Pull Station Protector has absorbed the impact. We are now offering a new version of our product! We have had so many requests for a specific unit that is designed for existing or "old work" units that we are now offering a separate piece designed exclusively for this purpose.   This new unit makes it easy for applications where you know that you would like to have these units installed over existing fire pull stations.  Although our original pull station protector was made so that you can cut out the back to fit over a fire pull station without removing it, this unit already has the back removed.  This means that you don't need to have a licensed technician install the protector.  This version allows easy installation by anyone!
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