Pull-Thru (PT) Rivet for Use Where Clearance is Limited and a Flush Set is required on both sides of the Application


Expanding the range of innovative solutions by POP Rivet Systems, Emhart Teknologies today introduced their latest innovation in blind rivet fastening solutions, the new Pull-Thru (PT) rivet. These 3mm steel countersunk rivets were designed to set surface flush on both sides or ‘double flush’ making it ideal for many electronics applications.
 According to Ryan Carter, Product Manager, “During setting, the mandrel head remains integral with the mandrel.  The new Pull-Thru will assure users that there will be no loose mandrel heads present in the final assembly, which is critical especially when used in electronics products.” 
 “Since the rivet sets completely flush on both sides, it is ideal for any application where clearance is at a premium. 
 This product is unique in that it handles applications where there can be no protrusion as well as those applications requiring installation from either side of the application”, adds Mr. Carter.
 These rivets have been color coded for quick visual identification on the production floor.
The Pull-Thru rivet series is manufactured to ISO, QS and TS requirements and are both RoHS and DFAR compliant.
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