Pump Pliers


Klein Tools introduces a new line of pump pliers featuring a curved jaw designed to grasp with multiple points of contact compared to standard straight jaw pump pliers which only have two points of contact.  Multiple points of contact provide better gripping power and torque. The Klein Klaw™ Pump Pliers are available in two styles:  Quick-Adjust and Classic.  The Quick-Adjust has a push button, quick ratchet feature that allows the user to easily adjust the plier to any position.  

Both styles of Klaw Pump Pliers are compact and narrow for better access in small or hard to reach spaces.  The gripping surfaces of the jaw also have specially hardened teeth for positive gripping and reduced wear. In addition, a special groove at the tip of the jaw is designed for holding nails. “The curved jaw really makes this tool impressive,” says Senior Product Manager Gary Lalla. “It grabs multiple points around the pipe or bolt so you have very little chance of slipping.”


  • designed to grasp with multiple points of contact 
  • better gripping power and torque
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