PurgeX® Infrared Lubrication System


Infrared Lubrication System combines the patented PurgeX positive displacement pump with programmable logic and infrared sensing. The result is an exact amount of lubrication dispensed with exceptional accuracy on a moving target, typically a chain. More conventional methods dispense lubrication through a brush that is fed by gravity. The rate of flow is subject to a number of variables including the type and condition of the applicator, operator adjustment (“constant tweeking”), and inconsistent head pressure from the reservoir. To compensate for the inherent inaccuracies of a gravity-fed system, most operators tend to apply more lubricant than is necessary. Excessive lubrication can lead to the following: Contaminant build-up, which can shorten the effective life of the chain. Erratic machinery operation and increased safety risks to operating personnel. Added expense for fluid. Environmental hazards from lubricant run-off. The PurgeX® Infrared Lubrication System synchronizes fluid dispensing with the speed and number of links of a chain. The integrated programmable logic control (PLC) specifies the frequency and duration with which fluid is applied. The infrared sensors verify the position of the target. Up to 12 PurgeX® pumps supply lubrication points with a volume of fluid which is easily adjusted with an ordinary screwdriver. The upper range of fluid output is .012 cubic inches – a volume that occupies about the same space as that of a pencil eraser. The lower range can be adjusted to 0.

Lubrication reaches the critical pin area of the chain, avoiding areas that do not require lubrication and which contribute to run-off or material build-up. The start and stop points of the lubricating cycle are also controlled by the PurgeX® Infrared Lubrication System, preventing overlapped or missed lubrication areas on the chain.

The PurgeX® Infrared Lubrication System is efficient in both delivery and design. With a supply of compressed shop air and standard electrical current, the unit contains all the components necessary for a quick installation. A 3-way solenoid, PLC, PurgeX® pumps, and 24 VDC power supply are housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure and fed by an integral polycarbonate reservoir available in up to a gallon capacity. The infrared photo sensor is attached by 6 feet of cable.

Inherent to any patented PurgeX® system is reliability. PurgeX® has achieved over 360,000,000 cycles in laboratory tests without appreciable wear and is an engineering breakthrough exclusive to Oil-Rite Corporation.

The PurgeX® Infrared Lubrication System is particularly suited to packaging, conveyor, automotive, textile, paper, and food processing industries.
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