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Brady announces the launch of Twist and Secure™ Push Button and E-Stop Safety Covers. These safety covers are designed to temporarily prevent access to the machine start and engaged emergency stop buttons of facility production and operating equipment. The Twist and Secure™ Push Button and E-Stop Safety covers are designed for fast and effective securing of production and operating equipment by authorized employees directly at the point of the need. Each cover features a durable, red, safety-tinted cover so employees will know at a glance that control button is intentionally, and safely, secured from operation. 

The safety covers provide coverage for the widest range of control buttons and switches. “There are safety covers that don’t fit many of the standard 16-, 22- or 30mm diameter e-stops or push buttons,” says Tom Campbell, global product manager. “Brady’s new solutions will give users the universal safety coverage they need.” The low-profile Twist and Secure Cover bases require a simple, one time installation.  Color-coded panel labels, which are included, can be applied onto the clear bases in order to visually accentuate the type of control button that they’re affixed to.  The equipment operator or maintenance team can then apply the versatile covers over the control button or buttons they want to secure.  Brady’s Safety Covers only secure equipment control circuitry. If users are intending to fully isolate power circuit equipment, Brady’s complete line of lockout products is recommended. Products, including circuit breaker panel and switch lockout devices, will lock out the power circuitry while equipment is being serviced and keep users compliant with OSHA’s regulations.


  •  temporarily prevent access
  • red, safety-tinted cover
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