Push-Button Terminal Blocks


WAGO has expanded its TOPJOBS line of DIN rail mount terminal blocks to include push-button actuation. Orange push-buttons on both sides of the terminal block clearly identify where the operating tool must be applied – simply press down on push-button with the operating tool, insert the conductor and remove the operating tool from the push-button, and its done. They are suitable for all copper conductor types (solid, stranded and fine-stranded) size 22-4 AWG. Highlighted features include:

  • Unique push-button design ensures operation integrity with positive feedback
  • Orange push-button clearly distinguishes wire entry from tool entry
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP allows direct insertion of ferruled or solid conductors


The new push-button terminal blocks offer the same profile as the original open tool slot and the recently released lever versions of the TOPJOBS family. This allows all three operating versions to be mixed and matched on the same DIN rail, as well as share accessories such as jumpers, marking strips and test adapters.


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