Push Pull Environmental Systems Create Cleaner Working Environments


An alternative concept in shop fume extraction systems, Push Pull systems may be the best recommendation for welding operations impacted by these conditions:

- Manufacturing and fabrication applications where fume extraction at the source is difficult
- Fabrication of especially large work pieces
- Shops that utilize robotic and hard automation welding fixtures
- Manufacturing where welding work cell locations change

A Push Pull system captures shop air and welding fume within a given perimeter, filters it, and then pushes the filtered air back into the working air in the same area. This method reduces energy costs, as the heated or cooled air from the shop is circulated back into the manufacturing location rather than exhausted outdoors. Unique to Lincoln Electric systems is the methodology of filtering only the immediate work area (below the push and pull ducts). The alternative is to filter the full floor to ceiling area, which can dramatically increase costs.

A Push Pull system is a general ventilation solution, which can be used to supplement targeted control of welding fume at the arc. Push Pull systems are intended for use when the goal is to improve general indoor air quality. To comply with upcoming OHSA and EPA regulations, many U.S. plants must conduct performance testing to evaluate worker exposures and plant emissions. A complete range of welding fume solutions, including equipment intended for use specifically at the source, are also offered by Lincoln Electric.
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