Push-to-Connect Water Fittings & Tubing


Line of push-to-connect fittings and tubing is designed for potable water and beverage systems, including applications such as brewing, coffee/drink dispensing, soup and liquid food production, and municipal/residential water treatment.


Fittings are perfect for use with polyethylene and other flexible tubing; all are made of NSF approved materials with NSF-51 and NSF-61 certifications. Rated for up to 145 psi at 70°C (158°F), the body and collet of the fittings are made from acetal, while the O-rings are made of synthetic rubber; optional retaining clips prevent accidental tube removal.


Polyethylene (PE) tubing, available in 100 to 1,000-ft packages, is NSF-61 certified, has a Shore A 98 hardness rating, and works well with HydroMode push-to-connect fittings.



  • fittings are rated for up to 145 psi at 70°C
  • PE tubing has a Shore A 98 hardness rating, comes in sizes from 5/32 to 1/2 in.
  • reinforced PVC hose can be used in higher pressure applications
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