PVC Jacketed MC/TECK Cable Connectors


As the NEC® no longer allows flexible metal conduit or ordinary Metal-Clad cable to be installed in wet locations, and further specifies that listed wet location insulated conductors and a corrosion resistant jacket over the metallic sheath of MC cable are necessary for use in wet locations, Bridgeport Fittings now provides the solution: PVC Jacketed MC/TECK Cable Connectors to meet the new Code requirements. With the code revised, inspectors will find it less difficult to identify the wet location listed insulated conductors, as previously very little wiring was visible after a job was completed and ready for inspection. PVC jacketed MC cable or liquid tight conduit with wiring now satisfy the wet locations requirement. The PVC jacketed MC/TECK cable fittings from Bridgeport include both straight (Cat. No. 595-DC2 and 596-DC2) and 90-degree (Cat. No. 895-DC2) configurations. Bridgeport’s straight PVC jacketed MC/TECK fittings are available in both 3/8 and ½ inch trade sizes. The 90-degree connectors are available in 3/8 trade size. Insulated throat versions are also available. The connectors are rated RainTight and ConcreteTight.
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