PXI controllers, boards, and chassis


The new line of PXI controllers, boards, and chassis from CyberResearch, Inc. is ideal for industrial control, data acquisition, and instrumentation. For maximum versatility and capacity, the line includes bus extender card sets for PXI-to-PXI, PCI-to-PXI, and PCIe-to-PXI configurations. The controller is the heart of a PXI system, so the CyberResearch(r) CXDC series of controllers is intended for elaborate testing regimes conducted in harsh environments. With up to 2-GHz Pentium(r) M CPUs, CXDC boards offer excellent vibration resistance, withstand shocks up to 30 g, and operate at temperatures up to 131°F. Four USB and two COM: ports make communication easy. The CyberResearch(r) PXIC series of chassis includes two 3U 8-slot benchtop chassis, one of them with an 8.4" LCD monitor. It also includes a portable 3U 14-slot chassis with a 15" touchscreen LCD. The portable, PXIC 14LP, also includes a detachable keyboard, so it is ideal for field work. New PXI expansion boards include seven multifunction A/D boards with 2 to 64 channels, two multifunction D/A boards with 4 or 8 channels, and four DIO boards with 32 or 48 channels, one with 5000 Vrms optical isolation. Bus extender card sets let you add more boards to a PXI system or add PXI boards via PCI or PCIe slots in existing systems.
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