Pyrometer CellaTemp® PA


CellaTemp® PA is a series of spectral and two color digital pyrometers for detecting temperatures ranging from 32 to 5,400 °F. The wide-range temperature sensors provide versatility for a variety of applications. The pyrometer features a rear panel display and keypad. The bright 4-digit LED display is well visible from a distance. In the normal operating mode the display indicates the current temperature reading. The display will also show parameter adjustments made using the keypad.

Some CellaTemp® PA models feature fiber optics (see picture).  The sensor head is housed separately from the electronics assembly. Both the sensor head and the fiber optic cable are unsusceptible to electromagnetic radiation. The optical sensor head can withstand ambient temperatures up to 500 °F without cooling. This variant is ideal for cramped, hard-to-access locations.

For data on specific models, go to our website.


  • Temperature ranges from 32 to 5,400 °F (various models)
  • Spectral Sensitivity from 0.95 to 14 µm (various models)
  • Maintenance-free, wear-free system measures the metal temperature non-contact
  • Analog input/output
  • Digital input/output
  • Focusable optics allow for precise distance adjustment 
  • Multitude of lenses for different viewing distances
  • Precision lenses with broadband antireflection coating
  • LED display is easy to read from a distance
  • Test current can be applied to perform diagnostics 
  • Signal processing: USB / RS485 interface.  
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