Q Series Pulse Tools


Ingersoll Rand has released 12 new precision fastening tools designed especially for assembly and industrial professionals. The new Q Series includes 6 transducerized and six non-transducerized models. The new pulse tools feature lighter designs, weighing between 1.8 and 3 pounds. In addition, they are smaller, quieter and require less trigger force than previous models. The tools also reduce vibration and reaction force for easier, more comfortable operation. “The Q Series was designed to make the operator’s life easier,” said Dale Newton, global marketing manager with Ingersoll Rand. “They provide exceptional torque accuracy and ergonomics.” The Q Series also features new mechanisms for improved sealing and protection against contaminants. Specially coated blades last twice as long as conventional models, lengthening tool life. In addition to increased durability, Q Series pulse tools have a lower operating cost. Featuring improved motor efficiency, the tools supply more power with less air than competitive models. Additionally, the lube-free, dual chamber air motor releases less oil mist into the environment. The non-transducerized pulse tools deliver a maximum torque of up to 100 Newton-meters, while transducerized models deliver up to 155 Newton-meters. New models due for release later this year will extend the upper torque range even further.
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