Quackenbush® Adaptive Drilling System for Increased Productivity


Cooper Tools introduces the Quackenbush Adaptive Drilling System, an advanced drilling system for the aerospace industry that automatically controls drill speeds to match specific materials, regardless of layer thickness.  The adaptive drilling system efficiently shifts between high and low drill speeds in less than one second, providing significant increases in productivity when compared to conventional positive feed drilling systems.  The result is a reduction in drill cycle time of up to 60% over comparative products.  

The system comes equipped with an adaptive programming interface kit, which allows application and process parameters to be preset on the on-board tool memory module.   Key programming features include drill speed, coolant flow, cutter data, maximum holes per cutter, and material stack combination.  In addition, at the end of each cutting cycle, the data is stored on the control box and can be easily downloaded to any PC using the system’s built-in Ethernet connection.

“Advanced drilling equipment from Cooper Tools represents the most comprehensive line of precision drilling products currently available to the aerospace industry,” said Gary Masse, Group President – Cooper Tools.  “The new state-of-the-art adaptive drilling technology provides users a faster, more productive drilling system, as well as the peace of mind that comes with products bearing the Quackenbush brand.”

The Quackenbush adaptive drilling system also makes cleanup quick and simple: Coolant flow rates are individually programmable for different materials in each stack, and can be shut off upon breakthrough to reduce cleanup time and further increase productivity.  

The adaptive drilling system can be ordered all-new, but is also designed to achieve the most efficient usage of customers’ existing drilling equipment: The on-board memory module is designed to be retro-fittable to Quackenbush 150, 230, and 900 series positive feed drills. The state-of-the-art control box can sequence multiple different applications one after the other, and the ease of programmability allows tools to be quickly reconfigured for different hole sizes and material stack combinations.

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