Quality Inspection System


QUADRA-CHEK 3000 Inspection System is operated via its capacitive touch screen that is suitable for multi-touch and gesturing. The sensitivity can even be adjusted so that the unit can be operated while wearing laboratory gloves.


 It allows operators to intuitively capture and analyze images through the camera on Measuring Microscopes and Video Measuring Machines (VMMs). It can also be used in crosshair-based Optical Comparators at this time.


System has simple and intelligent video tools that are used to measure part features quickly and objectively.


Features include:

  • user friendly
  • measuring results can be printed on paper or stored locally or centrally on a server as PDF file
  • Linear axes XYZ: to 0.00001 mm; angular axis Q: to 0.00001° (00° 00’ 00.1”)
  • 12.1” color flat-panel display (16:10, touchscreen); resolution: WXGA 1280 x 800 pixels, for position values, dialogs and inputs, graphics functions, and video display
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