Quench with Power


The Chill-Its 5158 Hydration Pack Pressure Pump draws water from the hydration pack, creating a quick, pressurized stream of water. This turns the hydration pack into a multi-use product for multiple heat stress needs.

This hydration pack can be used for multiple applications including cleaning hands, face, and equipment; activating cooling products; and hydrating without placing one’s mouth on the hydration pack bite valve. After each use, the pump self-seals eliminating drips while the valve cover keeps debris and dirt off the valve.


  • FDA food grade silicone body
  • Elastic strap and ribbed bulb for secure grip
  • Valve cover keeps debris off bulb tip
  • Easy to apply
  • Self-seals after each use to eliminate drips
  • Compatible with all Ergodyne Hydration Packs
  • Accessory piece sold separately

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