Quick-Boot Graphic Terminals


Rockwell Automation's new Allen-Bradley PanelView 800 family of graphic terminals aims to reduce boot-up time and increases installation flexibility.

The terminals, available in 4-in., 7-in. and 10-in. display sizes, feature an 800 MHz CPU processor, up to 256 MB of flash, and dynamic memory to reduce boot-up time, making it two times faster than the previous PanelView Component terminal.

The terminals also offer improved touch-screen responsiveness and can be configured in portrait and standard landscape mode for greater installation flexibility.

The PanelView 800 graphic terminals are specifically designed for use with the Allen Bradley Micro800 and MicroLogix control systems.

The terminals' high-resolution screens with LED backlights can display up to 65,536 colors, providing a sharp display for a wide range of applications. Built-in Ethernet and serial communications ports (RS232, RS422 and RS485) support easier controller connectivity, while USB and microSD ports make file transfers easier.


  • Display Size: 4-in., 7-in. and 10-in.
  • Certification: Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations
  • Ports: Ethernet, USB, microSD, RS232, RS422, RS485

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