Quick-Change System


With heimatec.Capto , heimatec is expanding its product range with a further modular tool quick-change system, which significantly increases the efficiency in set-up and tool changing  times. heimatec.Capto is extremely flexible and offers a wide modularity as well as a great variety of change-over inserts for lathes and machining centers.


In addition to a wide range of standard tools with capto adaptions, the heimatec.Capto program also offers a large number of specific  tools designed for machine optimization. The modular quick-change system is characterized by a compact design of short overall length, which allows it to perform high cutting speeds, while at the same time achieving best surface qualities. The heimatec.Capto tool quick-change system is available for Capto sizes C3, C4, C5, C6 and C8.


  • Simplest handling and faster tool change
  • Highest possible accuracy and stability
  • High flexibility from wide modularity
  • Minimization of retooling costs
  • Pinpoint cooling from internal coolant supply
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