QuickBridge is a new concept in bridge electrification to give your overhead cranes a clean, contemporary look. QuickBridge is a space-efficient alternative to traditional cable festoon and a better solution than cable chain systems. QuickBridge features conductor bar for bridge power and wireless radio remote controls for hoist control. This combination supplies crane bridge electrification that is efficient, safe, rugged, and reliable.


For decades, C-track cable festoons have been the only solution available for standard overhead crane bridge electrification.  However, some customers desire a more space-efficient system and have used cable chains for this purpose.  We responded to this market need and decided to offer a sleeker system that marries conductor bar with radio remote controls.  Earlier this year we introduced “QuickBridge” - a product bundle that includes both products in a kit form to make ordering easy.


  • 30 to 120 ft. crane bridge lengths
  • 7 different mounting options
  • 6 different radio communication options
  • 60 to 100A capacities
  • Either open rail conductors and enclosed power rail
  • Bridge Length: 030 to 120 ft. in 10 ft. increments
  • Mounting Type: WS, WL, FS, FL, LT, CA, NB
  • Conductor Bar Type: SL2 or 842
  • Conductor Bar Ampacity: 6 (60A 842) 1 (100A Safe-Lec 2)
  • Communication Type QB1, QB2, QB3, QB4, QB5, QB6
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