Quiet, Easy Unit Coolers


Sleek, lightweight Epic Unit Cooler Series feature quieter fans and offer easier maintenance and serviceability than traditional systems. Units provide excellent airflow for medium and large walk-in coolers and freezers, distribution facilities, dock arrangements, and storage facilities.


Standard features include hinged, lift-off fan and end panels for quick coil service and cleaning, quick-connect fan wiring, and a full unit width hinged drain pan. Air defrost, electric defrost, or hot gas defrost options are available to meet a wide variety of applications.


The Epic unit cooler cabinets are made of heavy-gauge, rust-proof smooth finish aluminum housing. All hardware is corrosion resistant. Coils are copper tube, full-collared die-formed aluminum plate fin and tube sheets. Tubes are mechanically expanded for maximum heat transfer. They are leak-tested at 350 pounds per square inch gage (psig) under water. Fans are 20-inch low sound, profiled sickle-shaped blades mounted inside a full bell mouth with diffuser for increased volume flow rate and air throw.


Motors used in the Epic Unit Coolers are permanently lubricated for reduced maintenance time and costs and suitable for low temperature applications. The heavy duty, high efficiency, full ball bearing motors feature internal thermal overloads and are suitable for single-point group fusing. Fan motors are pre-wired to terminal blocks. Two motor options are available – the high speed motor operates at 1480 revolutions per minute (RPM), while the low speed motor operates at 1090 RPM.


Numerous optional features can be added to the standard unit, including a variety of fin materials, coatings, and casing arrangements for corrosive atmosphere applications. Stainless steel hardware, fasteners, and/or housings are available. Other options include opposite hand connections, units circuited for water or glycol solutions, mounted non-fused fan motor disconnect switch, and many others. Lower operating temperatures are also offered.

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