QuieTunes™, High NRR radio muff


Elvex newest QuieTunes AM/FM model (Com-666) has all the features of our standard models, and adds better noise reduction properties, which enhances the ability to listen to the radio in noisy environments.
•    The electronics has been separated from the hearing protection cavities, in order to avoid the problems associated with moisture and sweat affecting the life span of the electronics.
•    A sensitive radio offers FM and AM reception, so that you may listen to music, your favorite sports team or talk radio show.
•    QuieTunes is equipped with a 3.5 mm input jack, so that you can listen to auxiliary devices such as i-Pods, scanners and Com radios.
•    This model is available both as a battery model (Com-666) and as a rechargeable model (Com-6666R).
•    Just in case you forget to turn off your radio headset, we have assured that you do not come back to a dead unit, by incorporating an automatic four-hour automatic shutoff.
•    The sound generated by the speakers is limited to a safe 82 dB level with the use of a gain limiter.
•    Independent testing established a Noise Reduction Rating of 25/34 dB. The lower number indicates a rating that can be achieved by 80% of users, while the higher rating can be achieved by 20% of motivated users.

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