R-Series EtherCAT Sensor


MTS Sensors expands its Temposonics® line of intelligent products with the R-Series EtherCAT sensor, a high-speed networking solution based on industrial Ethernet technology. The EtherCAT sensor, short for ‘Ethernet for Control Automation Technology,’ is an innovative interface for industrial Ethernet that provides the fastest, most deterministic industrial networking possible using the base Ethernet physical layer.

"The R-Series EtherCAT sensor is designed for fastest rates of data transmission and communication in industrial settings where high-speeds are necessary for complete factory automation systems that require a networked solution,” says Dave Edeal, Temposonics Marketing Manager. “The EtherCAT sensor will allow machine builders to overcome bandwidth and node limitations found with other commercially available industrial networks."

Industrial Ethernet is based on traditional office-based networking, but is designed for greater durability and reliability required by the factory floor environment. The EtherCAT sensor enables high-speed data transfer between the plant floor and office to assist with statistical process control and computer aided design automation. The R-Series EtherCAT sensor can also synchronize to accurate clock signals, enabling high-speed deterministic control.

The EtherCAT sensor is available for use with one to five position magnets depending on the particular network and can be customized to document position, velocity, acceleration, as well as customer-specific “smart” functionality. The position resolution is accurate to 1mm, speed to 0.2 mm/s (0.008 inch/sec). and a sensor update time of 100ms (independent of stroke). The R-Series EtherCAT sensor also includes a built-in nonlinearity correction option for position accuracy as low as +/- 0.02 mm (0.0008 inch).

Built-in diagnostic LEDs can indicate normal operation, programming mode, magnet not detected, missing external interface signals and insufficient or out-of-range input power. As with conventional PC network devices, additional LEDs indicate active network connections as well as Ethernet activity. The R-Series EtherCAT sensor comes standard with two integral communication line connections and a separate power supply input connection. These allow the designer flexibility to utilize standard stub line or “daisy chain” topology connections depending on their system layout.

R-Series EtherCAT sensors are available in the model RH, ("rod style") application housing, capable of hydraulic or pneumatic in-cylinder operation (5,000 psi continuous/ 10,000 psi spike) and rated for IP 67 operation (IP 68 with integral cable) for stroke lengths up to 7.6 m (300 inch.). It is also available in the model RP ("profile style") housing, convenient for mounting to machine surfaces via mounting brackets, and rated for IP 65 operation at stroke lengths up to 5 m (200 in.). Optional polyurethane cables are available in both configurations for increased flexibility and durability at extreme temperatures.

MTS Systems Corporation is the world leader in magnetostrictive linear-position and liquid-level sensor technology. MTS Systems Corporation is a global operation, with facilities in the U.S., Germany and Japan. In the U.S., the MTS Sensors Division has an ISO 9001 facility manufacturing rugged and reliable Temposonics position and liquid-level sensors. With a strong commitment to research and development, product quality and customer service, the Sensors Division is constantly seeking ways to bring the highest value to customers.


• Measured variable: Displacement / Velocity 1-5 measurement option 1-20 magnet measurement • Resolution: Displacement: 1 to 1000 µm selectable Speed: 1µm/s (Quality rating) adjustable according to • velocity and measuring length • Update time: 10 KHz (Overstampling is active while the scanning cycle is shorter than the measuring cycle • Non-linearity: <±0.01% full scale (minimum ±50µm) • Repeatability: < ±0.001% full scale (minimum ±2.5 µm) Hysteresis: < 4 µm • Outputs: Interface: EtherCAT • Data format: EtherCAT 100 Base-Tx, fast Ethernet • Data transmission rate: 100 Mbit/s max. • Stroke length: Profile style:50 mm (2 in.) to 5080 mm (200 in.) • Rod style:50 mm (2 in.) to 7620 mm (300 in.) • Operating voltage: +24 Vdc nominal: -15 or +20% • Polarity protection: up to -30 Vdc • Overvoltage protection: up to 36 Vdc • Current drain: 80 mA typical • Dielectric withstand voltage: 500 Vdc (DC ground to machine ground) • Operating temperature: Temperature: - 40 °C (-40 °F) to 75 °C, (167 °F) • Relative humidity: 90% no condensation • Temperature coefficient: < 15 ppm / °C
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